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By Tampa Bay Talent Director C. A. Passinault

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tampa Bay Talent Launches!

To me, nothing is as cool as launching a brand new site. Sites that I have built and launched in the past decade have gone on to be influential market leaders. In many ways, the newest of the Tampa Bay career resource sites, Tampa Bay Talent, has the most promise of them all!
I’ve waited years to get this domain name. Everyone from a talent consultation / agency placement company, and even Busch Gardens, has owned this domain name. The last time that I checked, Busch Gardens had it (to my knowledge), and I wasn’t happy when I saw this because I knew TampaBayTalent.Com would be the perfect compliment to both Tampa Bay Modeling and Tampa Bay Acting (and, now, Tampa Bay Film and Tampa Bay Photographers).
Yesterday, I did a routine check, and the previous owner, it seems, had abandoned it (it looks like Busch Gardens switched to TampaTalent.Com instead,, which is fine by me. Good work. I’d rather have this one). So, Saturday morning, I bought it, and then set aside my modeling site time to put this site together.
The weird thing is that I’m still waiting to officially launch Tampa Bay Photographers. I haven’t been able to work on that site yet, so the site which has been waiting in the wings will eventually become the latest Raptor Class site after this one. Talk about leapfrog!
This said, keep in mind that I have to return to the modeling site work on Wednesday, and it’s going to be a while before I can spend a lot of time adding content to Tampa Bay Talent. This site will see lots of updates in 2010, however, and by 2011 I intend to have it in the position to be the leading Tampa Bay careers site. It’s just going to take time.
I am really proud about how fast I was able to put this site together, spending hours in a marathon coding and design session without cutting corners. Tampa Bay Talent is online, in a little more than three days after I started working on it, and although it is light on content, it is one of the most advanced career resource sites in my arsenal. It will soon be one of my most important properties!
Welcome to the newest addition to my fleet of web sites!

PUBLISHED 02/23/10

UPDATED 02/23/10




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