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Tampa Bay Talent. Models, Actors, Dancers, Singers, Musicians, Bands, Entertainers, Hosts, Writers, Filmmakers, and more! Serving the Tampa Entertainment, Media, and Advertising industries. A Passinault project.
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Serving the Tampa entertainment, media, and advertising industries

This free resource site covers talent professions, which include, but are not limited to, modeling, acting, filmmaking, dancing, singing, writing, musicians, bands, dj’s, mc’s, cj’s, television hosts, comedians, and more.

Update -1/04/23/0306/ - Tampa Bay Talent celebrates the start of a new era as 2023 begins.
Tampa Bay Talent resumes updates in 2023 as new, advanced next-generation talent resource sites are built and deployed, after the began development in 2007.
While we have to wait for the new site to be built and deployed, first, Tampa Bay Talent will be overhauled and will be heavily updated later in 2023.

Update 06/19/14/1926 - Site Code Updated. Updates about to resume.
After over three years on standby, the code of this Tampa Bay Talent site has been updated to prepare for what is coming (We would do more right now, but our resources are focused elsewhere, on a series of brand new web sites that will be built and deployed over the next few days which we will need for the next decade; these sites are critical. These sites are all classified, and even after they start showing up at the top of relevant search results later this Summer, we will purposely downplay their importance because we do not want to show our hand as to the extent of the full scope of a strategy which will change the face of the Tampa Bay market for years to come. There is one site which will also prove to be useful for finally directly countering an ongoing scam. Passinault will also need these sites to support his independent film projects starting in 2015). We have been doing a lot of research and development these past few years, and the results are ready to be implemented and deployed. Once the format of Tampa Bay Modeling has been updated for 2014/2015, which will happen in the coming weeks, that format will be applied to Tampa Bay Talent (and we really do need to change the design of the graphics on this site, which include those main menu navigation buttons to the left, as well as the colors. The layout and the use of the Raptor Class design for this web site will NOT change, however), and updates will resume at that time, which also applies to Tampa Bay Acting (Tampa Bay Dancer will launch with the new format already in place; the site has been on standby for years, and has not launched yet, but it will within weeks). Because of the scope of the careers covered and complexity of talent careers, talent resource sites like this one will become much larger than the current main modeling resource sites, and even the acting resource sites will be larger. This site is going to become very, very large, and will be even more important that Tampa Bay Modeling by 2015 (although not by much. Tampa Bay Modeling will continue to be extremely important, because work in the modeling industry will be a primary source of the money and resources needed for this site and others. Modeling will be a gateway to the other talent fields). Also in 2015, we have four brand new, advanced 3rd generation talent resource sites (not to be confused with the late 3rd generation web site design technology that this site uses. Currently, Tampa Bay Talent is a 2nd Generation talent resource site using tactics, although proven and effective, from 2002) launching which will specifically address the Tampa Bay market. These new sites are classified, and the technology developed for them will be applied to Tampa Bay Talent and our sister sites. We are also going to be building up and doing a lot of work on the four talent resource sites which address local talent agencies.

Update 02/18/11 - New Secret Fifth Site Revealed
The secret is out. The secret 5th Tampa Bay Talent site which we’ve been hinting at has been revealed. Although the site is in development, and it will not launch until later in 2011, we can now reveal the name, and the mission, of this exciting new site.
The new site will be Tampa Bay Dancer!
Although Tampa Bay Talent will have a dancing resource section here on our site for professional dancers in the Tampa Bay area, Tampa Bay Dancer will be a dedicated talent resource site for professional and aspiring dancers. When most people here the term “dancer” in the Tampa Bay area, they think something other than what the term is supposed to mean, and this is because the Tampa Bay market is notorious for the exploits of another industry. Tampa Bay Dancer is about real dancing, and dancing as a performing art which demands respect and good taste. Tampa Bay Dancer will cover everything from freestyle and club-type dancing, to tap, ballet, jazz, swing, ballroom, hip hop, and other types of professional dancing. Tampa Bay Dancer will be a family-friendly dancer resource site, and it will contain a vast amount of free tools and resources for dancers. It will even include references to the best Tampa dancing schools, and other investments for the serious dancer.
Of course, they will also cover scams, as well as warn people about the dangers of less professional types of dancing, so expect some controversy with unethical people who call themselves dancers, but whom are really far from it.

As our first anniversary approaches, a lot of work is planned for Tampa Bay Talent. It was intended from the very beginning that Tampa Bay Talent would eventually become the lead professional career resource site for our sister Tampa Bay sites. This will be achieved in 2011.
Tampa Bay Talent will become the site behind its sister sites, which include, but are not limited to, Tampa Bay Modeling, Tampa Bay Acting, Tampa Bay Photographers, Tampa Bay Film, and a secret fifth Tampa Bay talent resource site due in late 2011. With Tampa Bay Modeling currently the top modeling resource site in the world, and Tampa Bay Film consisting of a massive network of eight distinct web sites, we are already on our way. Expect a lot of work this year on Tampa Bay Acting, too.
All of these sites will be branded as “a Tampa Bay Talent site”.

Tampa Indie Film Alert 12/10/10
Tampa Bay Talent is an advocate for professional actors, talent, dancers, and models in the Tampa Bay area who are looking for legitimate work in independent film.
At the moment, there are a lot of independent films in the Tampa Bay market which actors and talent should not bother with. This know, how do you discern a good film from one which is higher risk to get involved with?
While we are currently working on a comprehensive online resource addressing this, here are some tips which will get you started.

1. General audition tips.
When considering auditioning for an independent film being produced in the Tampa Bay market, realize that at least half of all independent films in our market are either scams, or a waste of time. Additionally, performing in an independent film can reflect upon you professionally, and influence, or even undermine, your career.

A. Make sure that they have a web site
Whether amateur or professional, make sure that they filmmaker has a web site with a domain name. Anyone can set up a facebook or a myspace account and claim to be a filmmaker. Anyone can post an ad on craigslist. Those processes are too easy and quick, and with no investment needed in their filmmaking career, it is way too risky to consider working for them. A web site, at the very least, is the bare minimum that any indie filmmaker needs to be taken seriously.

B. Never respond to any audition ads in the paper or on the radio.
We have never seen a single one turn out to be legitimate. Also, stay away from any film project or job which claims that no experience is necessary. Legitimate indie films (at least ones that are worth performing in) and jobs in the entertainment industry ALWAYS REQUIRE experience. If you need experience acting, we suggest getting involved with community theatre groups. If you need acting lessons, learn from an experienced actor or a school (We hear good things about Venue) which is honest about what they are in business to do, and who do not advertise auditions or jobs. If you need headshots, photography for your career tools, or a portfolio, invest in them from a professional photographer who advertises photography services, and not jobs or auditions.
C. Never buy anything from anyone casting a Tampa indie film.
As an actor or talent, you MUST be fairly evaluated in an audition with no obligation to buy any product, or service, or be subjected to conditions which were never agreed upon. Make sure that they are honest about who they are, and what they do.
If they try to sell you something, or you feel uncomfortable, feel free to leave. It’s their loss, and you are now free to find opportunities which would be better for you.

D. At least 70% of all Tampa indie films have serious flaws, and will not help your career.
Be selective. Make them prove to you that the indie film is worth your time and effort. Ask questions.
By being picky, you will free your time to find independent film projects which are worth it for you. Quality over quantity works every time.

E. Read our sister site, Tampa Bay Film, for more information about the Tampa indie film scene. Be informed, and educate yourself. You may also want to read the Tampa Film Blog, which has a lot of useful information about what is really going on in the Tampa indie film scene. A lot of filmmakers try undermine potential competitors through slander, threats, theft, and intimidation. Don’t work with unethical filmmakers! Their crimes and behavior will undermine your credibility if you are associated with them!

F. Most Tampa indie films don’t pay, and that’s fine, unless.......
The work is rushed, exploitive, or poor. If you must work on a film for free, at least make sure that it’s going to be a good addition to your indie film portfolio.

2. Evaluating Tampa filmmakers who are new.
If the filmmaker is new, and they don’t have a reel to show what they are capable of? Ask to see the script when offered a role in their indie film.
Ask questions. Have they been trained. Do they have any experience at all, such as working on other films?
If they show promise, and demonstrate an investment into their career , with a real web site and references, by all means, consider giving them a chance. If not, move on!
If any filmmaker requires nudity, and the script does not make it absolutely necessary, consider working with them high risk. You might want to pass on any risky work, unless you can feel tht you can trust them. Remember that pictures, as well as indie films, are forever.
Also, never do any film without a written and signed agreement. If pay is involved, make sure that you get paid, in full, before signing any release!

3. Evaluating experienced Tampa filmmakers.
Look at their films. Check their references.
Do their films tell a good story? Are the films any good?
You might want to avoid horror films unless the filmmaker can demonstrate good work in other genres, too, as too many aspiring filmmakers try to make horror films, often at the expense of the actors and talent who help them.
Also, does the filmmaker have range? Have they done films in drama, comedy, and other genres. Avoid filmmakers who are obsessed with making only one kind of film.

4. 48 hour film contests: Haste makes waste.
If it is worth doing, it is worth doing well. We have rarely seen any indie films which are made in those two day filmmaking competitions which turn out to be any good (there have been one or two exceptions, but most of them are crap). Do you really want to be associated with a film which will not go anywhere, or do anything, for your career?

5. Is the film a job which is worth it?
Consider the quality that the Tampa filmmaker demonstrates, as well as the investment that they have put into their career. Are they serious about making films, and about doing great work? If it’s worth it, consider it, but realize that most of the films currently done in the Tampa Bay market are not worth anything.

Tampa Bay Talent is not a modeling and talent agency. We are a free talent resource for both agency-represented and freelance independent talent. This site is available for use free of charge, and is for informational use only.
Although we do market services that talent need for their careers here in Tampa Bay Talent, you are not obligated to buy anything, contact us, or send us any information for membership in order to use this site. It is our sincere intention to provide this resource to help professional talent with their careers, and to help bring balance and integrity to the entertainment industry, with an emphasis on the Tampa entertainment industry.

Tampa Talent Headshot and Portfolio Photography Services available. Photography services are guaranteed for quality. Call (813) 546-0092 today!

BREAKING NEWS! Tampa Bay Talent launches!
Latest free career resource site from the makers of Tampa Bay Modeling launches on Saturday, February 23, 2010! Domain name and site launched on same day; more content on the way.
Tampa Bay Talent will eventually become the main “point” marketing site for Tampa Bay Modeling, Tampa Bay Acting, Tampa Bay Photographers, and Tampa Bay Film.
PLEASE NOTE: As this site is brand new, it is going to take a while for us to get up to speed with content and tools. As of February 23, 2010, our sister modeling resource sites are getting most of the attention, and after they get what they need, Tampa Bay Acting and Independent Acting are in a need of massive overhauls and updates. We are brand new, and it’s going to take time. This site is online, but it is a work in progress, and some design details may change in the coming weeks. Please be patient!


1. Modeling Job Scams
2. Actor and Talent Audition Scams
3. Talent Management Scams
4. Modeling and Talent Agency Scams
5. Indie Film Scams

Welcome to Tampa Bay Talent, a brand new Talent resource site, launched on February 23, 2010, serving the Tampa Bay entertainment industry. Tampa Bay Talent is brought to you by the minds behind Tampa Bay Modeling, and is a free talent resource site for both independent, and agency-represented, talent.
Tampa Bay Talent is designed to be the point regional talent resource site for Tampa Bay Modeling, Tampa Bay Acting, Tampa Bay Photographers, and Tampa Bay Film.
Much like Tampa Bay Modeling is interlinked with Independent Modeling as a resource core, Tampa Bay Talent will interlink with the upcoming Independent Talent Network site.

The Tampa Bay Talent site features the following sections:

Blog - The official Tampa Bay Talent Blog by director C. A. Passinault.
Talent - Featured Talent. Models and Actors are referenced on our sister sites.
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Features - Main site features, such as about us, Tampa talent history, and more.
Scams - A Scenario based Tampa Talent Scam Database with scam-fighting tools.
Auditions - Tampa talent auditions and audition tools.
Resources - Tools and information for Tampa talent.
Contact - Contact us!

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